Unleash Your Voice


Sat, Mar 2, 2024: 3:00-6:00 PM
Sun, Mar 3, 2024: 4:00-7:00 PM

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then this program is FOR YOU!

I know there are many of you out there who would like to unleash your inner voice, be confident, and be extraordinary!

Wouldn’t you want to know the secrets that have helped shape me today?

I want extraordinary outcomes for you, and have hence designed this program for just that purpose.


Sat, Mar 2, 2024: 3:00-6:00 PM
Sun, Mar 3, 2024: 4:00-7:00 PM

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What To Expect – DAY 1


While singing or speaking, pay close attention to the position of your feet, knees, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and head. Correct positioning of these makes it easier for sound to be produced. Learn how to sing or speak with the correct breathing techniques using four muscles in producing effortless sound.


Voice projection is the strength of speaking or singing whereby the human voice is used powerfully and clearly. Learn some of the key skills in projecting your voice correctly in singing and speaking.

What To Expect – DAY 2


Learn skills which would help you to sing or speak with the clarity or particular way words are pronounced in a song or script.


Perform the piece you would have worked on as you would perform it on stage.

Master Class Outcomes

  • Acquire the technique to perform anything effortlessly
  • Know the skills and methods to accomplish your goals
  • Acquire the ability to perform holistically
  • Create a plan for success
  • Acquire the ability to move past the obstacles holding you back
  • You can get to the level you imagined for yourself

My story

My background in the performing arts stems from my mother CELIA LOBO, India’s sole Opera Diva, Voice Teacher, and Director. I grew up around music and the performing arts. From initial shyness, I developed confidence through performances and mentorship across India, the Philippines, Europe, and the USA.

Challenges arose during my Bachelor of Music Degree at the University of Santo Tomas, prompting relentless efforts to excel. This experience motivated me to create an academy emphasizing core musical subjects. In 2005, a pivotal moment reshaped my musical path as I unexpectedly lost my full-time job, leaving me disappointed yet determined. The layoff served as a catalyst, inspiring me to pursue music full-time, which I saw as the missing piece. Fueled by motivation and drive, I launched a full-time vocal studio, teaching online and in-person lessons. Additionally, I directed musicals at a school nearby.

In 2019, while directing “Annie” at the school, an introverted student struggled to fully embrace her leading role. However, with an hour of focused pre-performance preparation, she underwent a remarkable transformation, effortlessly embodying her character. This experience taught us that with compassion, determination, hard work, and passion, extraordinary results are possible. This experience reinforced my commitment to empower others and led me to offer online and in-person workshops and masterclasses to help individuals globally unleash their inner voices and build confidence. My holistic and detailed approach aims to elevate musicians and artists, helping them believe in themselves, and achieve the unthinkable!

The many experiences in my life and career, especially the experiences I have shared with you, have empowered me to make extraordinary changes in the lives of others, helping them believe in themselves, and achieve the unthinkable! I know there are many of you out there who would like extraordinary outcomes for yourself, and I have designed this Masterclass for just that purpose.

Join me in this masterclass and allow me to help you UNLEASH YOUR VOICE BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION in achieving extraordinary results.

You Bring

A Simple Song

Karaoke Track


Plenty Of Water

Comfortable Wear

An Open Mind


Of Indian origin, now based in Colorado, USA, acclaimed International Concert Artist, Vocal Coach & Consultant, DEIRDRE LOBO comes from an extremely artistic family. She grew up around music and the performing arts. Her mother CELIA LOBO is India’s only living Opera Diva, and her brother ASHLEY LOBO is an International Choreographer.

As an international Concert Artist and Recitalist, Deirdre is the winner of the GRAND PRIZE in the Messiah Soloist Competition, in San Diego, California (Dec 4, 2011), and the SECOND PRIZE in the Barry Alexander International Vocal Competition, in New York (Dec 19, 2011). She is a versatile artist with a rich portfolio having performed as a soloist in 100+ global concerts and recitals, performing repertoire ranging from Opera, Lieder, Pop, Broadway, and World Music, to Fusion.

In 1988, Deirdre was featured as a soloist for the Messiah (Handel) with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, under Dr. Francisco Feliciano where she was the only non-Filipino singing alongside a full Filipino cast. As soloist she has performed with the San Diego Greater Community Orchestra, Manila Chamber Orchestra, Bombay Chamber Orchestra, Symphony of India Chamber Orchestra, Paranjoti Chorus, Stop Gaps Chorus, Cantata Choir, Viva la Musica, San Antonio Chorus, just to name a few. Deirdre’s solo concert repertoire includes the Messiah (Handel), Creation (Haydn), Gloria (Vivaldi), Magnificat (Vivaldi), Christmas Cantata (J.S. Bach), Mass in G (Schubert), Seven Last Words of Christ (Dubois), Ceremony of Carols (Britten), Magnificat (Pergolesi), The Armed Men (Jenkins), Magnificat (J.S. Bach), Mass in C Major (Beethoven), and Requiem (Mozart), among others. On the Operatic stage, she has played the First Lady in The Magic Flute, Mother in Hansel and Gretel, the Snake in The Little Prince, and has covered the role of Amelia in Un Ballo in Maschera.

In 1996, Deirdre was invited to sing in Sangat, an Indian International Music Festival held in Bombay, sponsored by the Mehli Mehta Foundation, and chaired by Zubin Mehta. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Deirdre has performed frequently in recitals with the Rossmoor Concert Series, Noontime Concerts, Santa Rosa Concert Series, etc. In 2009, Deirdre did a solo recital tour in India with concerts in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

In Feb 2013, she was invited to do a solo recital at the Monte Music Festival, in Goa, India. In May 2014, Ms. Lobo sang a solo recital program of mostly Pop, Broadway, Classical, and Crossover repertoire, to a packed audience and standing ovations. On April 26, 2018, Deirdre did a solo concert with the Symphony of India Chamber Orchestra at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, INDIA under the baton of Maria Badstue. In December 2019 Deirdre presented a Tribute Concert to her mother Celia Lobo at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, INDIA. The program included past students of Celia Lobo and past and current students of Deirdre Lobo. Most recently and after the pandemic of not singing at all, Deirdre has resumed singing with her first Salon concert on Nov 12, 2023.

As an international Vocal Coach & Consultant with over 40 years of experience in the music business of performing and teaching, and having led 65+ workshops, and directed 17+ musical and stage productions, Deirdre has coached, and directed singers (Tara Sutaria, Pia Sutaria, Meher Mistry, Shiamak Davar, Shweta Shetty, Dhawal Chandawadkar, Aditi Paul, Abhilasha Chellam), choirs, actors, and speakers in Masterclasses, Productions, and Workshops worldwide. In 2014, Deirdre had the privilege of working as Vocal Director for JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR in India alongside the late Alyque Padamsee.

She has been teaching voice since 1988 and teaches students vocal techniques enabling them to sing the following genres of vocal music with ease and efficiency: Pop, Jazz, Rap, Broadway, Western Classical, Indian Classical–Hindustani/ Carnatic. This kind of technique transcends even speech and drama students. Deirdre works with students of all levels of vocal and musical development – from beginners to advanced levels, and even specializes in teaching students with special needs, especially having taught students on the autism spectrum.

Deirdre has been teaching online since 2010, via her International Vocal Studio. In 2015, she founded the Celia Lobo Academy of Voice (CLAV) to honor her mother, CELIA LOBO, India’s only Opera Diva, to carry on her vocal music legacy. This was a progressive music program of in-person, group, and one-on-one classes in all genres of music serving more than 75 students from the age of 6 to adults in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. At the onset of the pandemic, CLAV went completely online. Today, CLAV continues to function online under the sole guidance of Deirdre where she coaches students aspiring to take their craft to the next level in any genre.

In 2020, Deirdre founded One Voice Institute of Music and Art (OVIMA Global) offering a wide range of non-certification, and certification courses in the performing arts, available online, hybrid, and in person to students worldwide. OVIMA Global boasts a high level of international teaching staff from Australia, Argentina, the USA, the Philippines, and India teaching all instruments in one-on-one and group classes. The Sing for Fun non-certificate program is designed by Deirdre and offered to students ages 7 to adults. Students perform in jam sessions and concerts online every month.

Most recently Deirdre has curated her one-of-a-kind online three and six-month vocal program: Deirdre Complete Vocal Transformation (DCVT), a complete and comprehensive progressive program for teens and adults. It is a very high-end modular program combining areas of study offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The focus of this program is to prepare students holistically and musically training them to perform at the professional level if they wish


Graduate Performance Diploma – Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins Institute, USA
Master of Music Degree – University of Colorado, Colorado, USA
Bachelor of Music Degree – University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Bachelor of Arts Degree – University of Mumbai, India


Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC)
National Association of Teachers for Singing (NATS)
International Society of Female Professionals (ISFP)

“At the end of the day you MUST have FUN, by chiseling at your craft to be that holistic Artist!”

~Deirdre Lobo

My framework is designed to transform musicians and artists, taking their performance holistically to the next level!

To discuss how I can help you and support you in your journey, schedule a call with me now!